Services for Emerging FinTechs

We understand the challenges that you are inundated with when you start your business. From hiring the right team to getting your IT infrastructure in place to ensuring you are creating value for your customers and attracting investors for scalability, there is nothing that you can afford to miss. MindCraft has worked extensively with organizations like yours and understands the teething problems you face. We have built a range of services specifically focused at giving you the flexibility to grow your business at your own pace. We will work closely with you at every stage of your journey and help you translate your vision to reality.

MindCraft has modeled its services specifically for Emerging Companies to provide value for each dollar spent. We have a specialized team of highly experienced individuals who bring with them exceptional Information Technology (IT) services expertise to cater your requirements.

Having worked with some of the largest banks and insurance companies, MindCraft brings vast experience and learning that is customized and then applied to the business of Emerging Companies. This further helps you gain access to the IT best practices prevalent in the industry, which is otherwise not available. Moreover, the services offered by MindCraft are enhanced to complement your growth at every stage.

Flexibility is what you need

Pay-per-hour model with flexibility to pick upto 5 different skills from a given pool of technologies

We have no restrictions on team sizes and give equal importance to smaller engagements

We strive to reduce your investment in license fees and can help you develop applications on open source

We have introduced flexible payment plans specially designed for emerging companies