For teams that are looking for a quick and reliable way to release complex systems, microservices can be an invaluable development practice. Building and deploying microservices can be done with the Kubernetes container orchestration system, which automates software deployment, scaling, and management. In fact, in many ways, Kubernetes and microservices
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Whether you are using technology to unlock massive business value or to create efficient solutions or to enhance customer experience, it is vital for you to manage and monitor the underlying infrastructure of your applications and systems. Outdated infrastructure and redundancies can prove to be detrimental to your business goals
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Are you struggling with timely deployments? Do you wish to have hassle-free, smooth deployments across environments? Deployment Automation is the one-stop solution for all your deployment worries. Timely feedback and quality testing of deployed software is crucial for faster releases. For this, the testing teams need to have access to
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