How to ensure successful infrastructure modernization?

Whether you are using technology to unlock massive business value or to create efficient solutions or to enhance customer experience, it is vital for you to manage and monitor the underlying infrastructure of your applications and systems. Outdated infrastructure and redundancies can prove to be detrimental to your business goals and cause much harm to the performance of your applications.

Why is IT Infrastructure Modernization required?

You can enjoy better return on your software infrastructure investment with modernization. By modernizing your IT infrastructure, you can free up vital resources, optimize performance and make your systems nimble and better prepared to meet business objectives. With a comprehensive approach to Infrastructure Modernization, you can enjoy a host of benefits including

  • Cost Savings
  • Optimization of Software and other Assets
  • Mitigation of run-time issues
  • Scalability
  • Better Customer Experience

Complete a thorough assessment of your current infrastructure

Assess your current infrastructure to improve effectiveness, enhance productivity, mitigate disasters, and improve user experience. Ask these questions to assess the effectiveness of your current IT Infrastructure.

  • What are your business needs related to IT?
  • What is currently going well?
  • What can you improve?
  • What is outdated?
  • How can you change it?
  • What is the objective you are trying to achieve through modernization?
  • Will modernization solve your current business challenges?
  • How will this impact your business?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Are you leveraging cloud?
  • Is there new technology you need to invest in?
  • Are you well prepared for disaster?
  • Is your current team capable of supporting your modernization strategy?
  • Do you have the in-house expertise to identify the right infrastructure that will be scalable for your business?
  • Do you need to outsource to a reliable Managed Service Provider?

Partner with an expert

Doing everything on your own can be expensive, so it is advisable that you seek help from the right professionals. Don’t fall into the trap of upgrading your software infrastructure requirements without enough expertise. An experienced software infrastructure service provider can help you optimize your current software assets, modernize your infrastructure, and ensure you stay compliant. We at MindCraft are happy to have a chat with you about your requirements. Connect with us today.

Rebuild your infrastructure strategy

Reviewing and upgrading your software infrastructure requires an exhaustive plan. Develop a robust IT infrastructure strategy by partnering with an expert that can help you make the right decisions. The right strategy can help you unlock great value from your infrastructure investment in the form of virtualization, cloud, etc. But when you are creating this, ensure that cost cutting is not the primary driver for your decisions. You need to look at the bigger picture and decide what’s best for the long-term objectives of your business.

Plan incremental and iterative improvements

Next, consult an expert and create a clear roadmap for the successful completion of our infrastructure modernization initiative. Modernization does not mean you need to change everything and abandon what’s already working. Instead, you should look at leveraging technological advancements to enhance your infrastructure and build it further so that your systems are robust and better suited to cater to the changing demands of today’s dynamic application landscape. An incremental approach is recommended over a complete overhaul in one-shot.

Choose the right technology stack

Select a technology stack that aligns best with your business priorities and requirements. Choose a platform that is robust, widely supported, and up to date with technology advancements. When in doubt, outsource this to a reliable technology service provider with proven expertise.

Plan for service integration and management

When you plan your task force to breathe life into your infrastructure modernization initiatives, set up a team that will own all incidents from beginning to end. This team will also be responsible for finding resolutions. Ensure that you support the team with standardized processes and tools that they can adhere to.

Focus on Scalability

As you grow your business, you will need to build scalability and your infrastructure will play a critical role in this. Think about increasing capacity of existing systems and supporting them with additional devices, in lines with the projected growth of your business.

Manage performance

Achieve desired business outcomes by aligning performance management of your infrastructure to your unique business goals. Ensure that the right metrics are monitored and linked to an outcome or a process post modernization.

Follow these 4 best practices

With the right partner, software, and tools, you can ensure successful modernization of your infrastructure. To ensure optimal performance of your applications, follow these software infrastructure best practices.

1) Proactively monitor your IT infrastructure with visualization tools
2) Automate repetitive tasks
3) Integrate with the right tools to improve fault management
4) Leverage reports for forecasting

Would you like to discuss your infrastructure modernization requirements with our experts, who have extensive expertise in implementing, modernizing, and managing software infrastructure service projects?

Please do not hesitate to connect with MindCraft for a discussion, so that we can provide the right advice, solutions, and support for your business needs.

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